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Titan Demo

Version 0.5.4 released, now with Apple M1 support!

Why Titan?

The rise of git, docker, Kubernetes, and DevOps has created a new world where developers can easily build, test, and deploy right from their laptop. Despite these advances, developers still struggle to manage structured data with the same speed and simplicity. Techniques like SQL scripts, database dumps, and plain text exports still leave a lot of work for developers.

Titan is an open source project for developers to manage their data like code. Titan makes it easy to run your favorite database in a docker container on your laptop or in Kubernetes, but with the power of versioning the underlying data. Titan's git-like CLI enables developers to clone, commit, checkout, push, and pull data just like code, making it easy to rollback to a previous state, build a test data library, or share a structured dataset with collaborators.

Use Cases

Iterative Testing

Run destructive tests and qukcly reset to known good state to try again.

Test Data Preservation

When tests fail in your CI/CD Kubernetes environment, push data state and clone it later for local debugging.

Test Data Library

Move beyond a collction of dump files and data generation scripts to build a library of complex datasets.

Data Sharing

When you run into an issue, quickly commit and push the state for a team member to examine later.

Ready to manage data like code?