Cloning RepositoriesΒΆ

The titan clone command will create a new repository using the configuration from a remote. It is equivalent to creating a new repository with an identical configuration, adding the remote, and pulling down the latest commit:

$ titan clone s3://titan-data-demo/hello-world/postgres hello-world

The docker configuration is persisted with each commit, so the local repository uses whatever the configuration was as of the last commit.


There is not currently any way to override the docker configuration, such as wanting to use a different port or network configuration. This capability will be added in a future release.


The clone command currently always uses the latest commit by default. To clone a specific commit, add the commit GUID to the URI with a # tag. Example:

$ titan clone s3://titan-data-demo/hello-world/postgres#0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f hello-world