titan clone

Clones a new repository based on the latest commit from a remote repository. The docker image, configuration, and data is all derived from that commit, so it’s not currently possible to specify a different docker configuration than what was used when creating the commit. For more information on managing the docker configuration, see the Managing Docker section.


titan clone -c [id] <uri> [repository]



Required. The URI of the remote to clone from. For more information on remotes, the URI format, and different remote providers, see the Remote Repositories section.


Optional. Name of the new repository to create. If not specified, then the name of the original repository is used (which may or may not match the name used in the remote URI).


-c, --commit id

Specify the commit ID to checkout.


$ titan clone s3web://demo.titan-data.io/hello-world/postgres myrepo
Creating repository myrepo
Creating docker volume myrepo/v0 with path /var/lib/postgresql/data
Running controlled container myrepo
PULL 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f from origin RUNNING
Pulling 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f from 'origin'
Downloading archive for /var/lib/postgresql/data
PULL 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f from origin COMPLETE
Stopping container myrepo
Checkout 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f
Starting container myrepo
0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f checked out