Remote RepositoriesΒΆ

While managing data locally on your laptop is all well and good, part of the power of source code management is the ability to share that data with others. Much like git, Titan has the notion of remote repositories that act as an endpoint for push and pull.

There are a few important general things to be aware of:

  • Titan commits do not have a strict dependency on the previous commit from which it was created. Because they are much larger, we allow them to be pushed and pulled independently. For this reason, titan clone and titan pull will not pull down all commits, only the one specified by the user.

  • Titan does not support the notion of merging. While concepts like tagging and branching will be added over time, generically merging data at the on-disk level is not possible.

  • Different remote providers have different performance characteristics, including whether they support incremental transfers. Some will always to a full data transfer, while others have a means to identify only changed blocks. Titan is designed to work with small datasets (<10GB), using it for anything remotely large may have adverse effects on the system.


Titan currently ships with two very basic providers, the S3 Provider and the SSH Provider. These are only introductory providers, designed to have zero dependencies on external software. But as such, they will face challenges across security, performance, and robustness when operated at scale in an enterprise setting. As Titan matures, we will be working with the community and partners to help develop remote providers with more robust capabilities.