Pushing and Pulling

The titan push and titan pull commands form the basis of sharing data via remote repositories. Unlike git, however, they transfer only a single commit to or from the remote repository. There is no notion of pulling “all commits” and then checking out one of them.

Exactly how each provider transfers data varies. Some, like S3, only do full transfers of data as a single archive. Others, like SSH, will use rsync to hopefully transfer only incremental data.

Each push and pull runs asynchronously in the context of the titan container, but progress is streamed to the command line while it’s being run. In rare cases, it’s possible to exit the CLI while the operation is ongoing. In this case, you may get a message that an operation is in progress. You can either wait for it to complete, or abort it with titan abort.

While the CLI does not provide full-fledged management of remotes (something specific to each remote), you can get a list of remote commits using the titan remote log command.


Titan doesn’t currently retry after network errors or other interruptions. This capabilities will be added in a future release.