Managing Local Storage

All of the local titan storage, including the data stored on repositories, is kept in a single docker volume titan-data. This volume will persist even across restarts of the titan infrastructure, upgrades of docker, and other changes on the host.

By default, the titan-data volume is created as a vanilla docker volume, which uses storage locally on the host system. If you want to use different storage for your titan work, you can manually create the titan-data volume yourself prior to running titan install.


Do not manually change the contents of the titan-data volume, and do not change the volume on a running system; use titan uninstall first. Changing the contents of this volume can have unpredictable effects on Titan.


If you do create your own titan-data volume, be aware that it will automatically destroyed when titan uninstall is run. There is not currently a way to uninstall titan while preserving the underlying volume.

Managing Storage Usage

Titan does not currently support showing the space used by repositories or by individual commits. And while removing repositories is supported, deleting commits is not. These capabilities will be added in a future release.