Uninstalling TitanΒΆ

The titan install command will install supporting Titan infrastructure automatically, including installing ZFS on the host or Docker VM if necessary. The titan uninstall command will uninstall Titan, destroying any repositories in the process.

The uninstall process first will uninstall all configured contexts. Once that is complete, it will remove the underlying titan container images, as well as the .titan directory in your home directory. If you just want to uninstall a single context while leaving the Titan images and configuration intact, use the titan context uninstall command.


Uninstalling titan will remove all repositories. This operation cannot be undone.

If Titan was responsible for installing ZFS on the host VM, it will also uninstall ZFS. If ZFS was already present on the system when Titan was installed, then it will leave the ZFS installation as-is.


The process only uninstalls the supporting infrastructure. You will have to manually remove the titan binary yourself.