titan checkout

Checks out a previous commit into the current container. The commit must be present in titan log. For more general information on managing local commits, see the Committing Changes section. For more information on how to pull commits from remote repositories, see the Remote Repositories section.


This will stop and start the associated docker container if it is already running. This will interrupt any active connections, and may require client-specific actions to reconnect.


titan checkout [-c id] [-t key[=value] ...] <repository>



Required. The name of the target repository.


-c, --commit id

Specify the commit ID to checkout. Must be a known commit in titan log for the given repository. If this is not specified, then the source commit is used, unless tags are specified in which case the latest matching commit is used instead. See the titan status command for more info on the source commit.

-t, --tag tag

Filter commits by the specified tag(s). More than one of this option can be specified. Tags cannot be used if the -c option is specified. When tags are specified, then the latest commit matching those tags is checked out. Tags are matched according to the filtering rules described in the Tagging Commits section.


$ titan checkout -c 7715327e-9535-4263-870f-f5c92c18cb23 myrepo
Stopping container myrepo
Checkout 7715327e-9535-4263-870f-f5c92c18cb23
Starting container myrepo
7715327e-9535-4263-870f-f5c92c18cb23 checked out