titan pull

Pull a commit from a remote repository. For more information on pushing commits, see the Pushing and Pulling section.


titan pull [-c commit] [-r remote] [-t key[=value] ...] <repository>



Required. The name of the target repository.


-c, --commit commit

Commit to pull. If not specified, then the latest commit is used unless tags are specified, in which case the latest tag matching the given tags is used.

-r, --remote remote

Name of remote to push to. If not specified, defaults to “origin”.

-t, --tag tag

Filter commits by the specified tag(s). More than one of this option can be specified. If present, then the last commit matching the given tags is used. This is incompatible with the -c option. Tags are matched according to the filtering rules described in the Tagging Commits section.


$ titan pull hello-world
PULL 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f from origin RUNNING
Pulling 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f from 'origin'
PULL 0f53a6a4-90ff-4f8c-843a-a6cce36f4f4f from origin COMPLETE