titan cp

Copies data from an existing directory on the host into a titan repository. Each container has data at a known place, such as /var/lib/data/postgresql for PostgreSQL. This command allows users to copy data created by another instance of the database into the titan repository.

If there is only one volume then the destination is not required. If there is more than one volume, then you must specify the destination within the repository container. For more information on copying data into repositories, including how to determine what destinations are available, see the Copying Existing Data section.


titan cp <-s source> [-d destination] <repository>



Required. The name of the target repository.


-s, --source dir

Required. Source directory on the host system. This must match the layout and contents expected by the container.

-d, --destination dir

Required if there is more than volume associated with the repository. Specifies the path where data should be copied to within the repository. Must correspond to a volume path in the repository container.


$ titan cp -s /var/postgres-data/ hello-world
hello-world stopped
Copying data to hello-world/v0
hello-world started
hello-world running with data from /var/postgres-data