titan context install

Install a new Titan context. For more information about contexts, see the Managing Titan Contexts section.


titan context install [-t type] [-n name] [-p parameter=value ...] [-v]


-t, --type

type Optional context type. Must be one of “docker” or “kubernetes”. Defaults to “docker”.

-n, --name

name Optional context name. Must be unique. Defaults to the type of the context (“docker” or “kubernetes”).

-p, --parameters string

Key=Value pair for provider specific options. See the context-specific documentation for more information.

-v, --verbose

Enable verbose logging. Some contexts can provide additional information about the installation process.


$ titan context install -t kubernetes -n newcontext
Initializing titan infrastructure ...
Checking docker installation 100% │███████████████████████████████████│ 100/100 (0:00:00 / 0:00:00)
Starting titan server docker containers 100% │████████████████████████│ 100/100 (0:00:15 / 0:00:00)
Titan cli successfully installed, happy data versioning :)