titan run

Runs a new repository. This command will process all arguments after --` as arguments to docker run. For more information on running repositories, see the Creating a new Repository section.


titan run [OPTIONS] IMAGE -- [additional context specific arguments]...



Required. The container image to run.


-P, --disable-port-mapping

Default: false. Disable the automatic specific port mapping of exposed ports from the container to localhost.

-e, --env TEXT

Environment variables for the container being run. Examples: PGPASSWORD, MONGO_INITDB_ROOT_PASSWORD.

-n, --name TEXT

Optional new container name. If not provided, container name will be the same as the IMAGE.


$ titan run -n newMongo mongo
Creating repository newMongo
Creating docker volume newMongo/v0 with path /data/configdb
Creating docker volume newMongo/v1 with path /data/db
Running controlled container newMongo