titan delete

Delete a previous commit from the current container, or tags within a previous commit. The commit must be present in titan log. For more general information on managing local commits, see the Committing Changes section.


titan delete -c <id> [-t key[=value] ...] <repository>



Required. The name of the target repository.


-c, --commit id

Required. Specify the commit ID to delete, or commit from which tags should be deleted. Must be a known commit in titan log for the given repository.

-t, --tag tag

Specify the tag(s) to be deleted. More than one of this option can be specified. If present, then only tags are deleted and the commit itself remains intact. Tags are matched according to the filtering rules described in the Tagging Commits section.


$ titan delete -c 7715327e95354263870ff5c92c18cb23 myrepo
7715327e95354263870ff5c92c18cb23 deleted

$ titan delete -c 428f81caf63d4314b8f41a31aad2e8b1 -t mytag myrepo