titan migrate

Migrate data from a running container into new Titan repository. Given a stopped container with volumes mounted from the host system, this command will create a new container with an identical configuration, and then copy over the data into the new repository. For more information, see the Migrating Existing Containers section.


The migrate command will only work if the volumes have been mounted from host system. Migrating local to the container, or from a different volume driver, is not supported.


titan migrate <-s source> <repository>



Required. The name of the repository to create.


-s, --source container

Name of source container.


$ titan migrate -s postgres_source hello-world
Creating repository hello-world
Creating docker volume hello-world/v0 with path /var/lib/postgresql/data
Copying data to hello-world/v0
Commit 9560ffb0-6bbc-4b1c-acb5-1142f86c0354
postgres_source migrated to controlled environment hello-world